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CCZK-RC Rolling coating machine

CCZK-RC Rolling coating machine

 Product Information
Features Description:

Chi-CCZK-RC series winding coating equipment has run a smooth, flush retractable coating, film uniformity, short production cycle, low energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance, stable performance characteristics.

Winding system uses high-precision DC or AC variable speed, with smooth operation, high speed, do not scratch on the original sheet, no wrinkles, and rolling end face neatly and other characteristics;

Tension control using imported digital tension control system, with tension, constant speed, fast operating characteristics;

Each group independently controlled wire feed motor by computer, you can always adjust or separate speed, and the speed display;

Strong and efficient evacuation system, equipped with energy-saving maintain pump

Chi-manufactured using innovative technology, excellence, the EU adopted a comprehensive CE and ISO international quality management system certification;


CCZK-RC Vacuum Roll Coater

Vacuum chamber: Horizontal

Material material: cavity are made of stainless steel

Vacuum system: diffusion pump (molecular pump) + roots pump mechanical pump + pumps + deep cold water to maintain the steam trap the pump

Winding system: 6-10 set of rollers, take-up reel, unwinding roll, water roll each driven by an electric motor;

Coating System: Depending on the product optional evaporation coating system or magnetron sputtering system. Wire feeder containing crucible, electrodes, water-cooled, wire feeder and power supply.

Sputtering Targets: 1-4 magnetron sputtering can be equipped with only flat aluminum target or cylindrical aluminum target;

Power system: with power evaporation and magnetron sputtering power supply

Intelligent Control: PLC intelligent control + HMI full-color touch human-machine interface, to achieve automatic control

Alarm and protection: abnormal situation alarm, and implement the appropriate protective measures.

Other technical parameters:

Ultimate vacuum: 5.0 × 10-4Pa

Pumping speed: 5.0 * 10-2≤5min

Hydraulic flow rate ≥0.2Mpa 3m3 / h; temperature ≤25 ℃; Pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa;


General Specifications: Φ1000 * H1200, Φ1400mm * H1600mm, Φ1200mm * H1500mm,

Vacuum chamber size or device configurations according to customer requirements for customized products and special process


Chi-CZ-RC series coating equipment is mainly used for winding the strip surface plastic film (PET, PVC, CPP, etc.), cloth, paper, metal foils plated metal film. In the flexible substrate surface plated layer and decorative coatings of various functions, which are widely used in packaging, printing, security, textile, electronics industry and other fields.

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